Idol Thoughts

The Bible equates coveting with idolatry (Colossians 3:5). As we know, coveting is basically being jealous of someone else’s stuff or situation. This leads to dissatisfaction and a lack of thankfulness. Wage slaves sacrifice the best years of their lives in pursuit of money as a way to get what they want. However money itself is rarely the idol. Even those who hoard cash are really worshipping a sense of security, not the increasingly worthless paper. Let’s admit that material wealth can be an enjoyable stewardship from God. We could call it a blessing in most cases. In our context (a crucial distinction) prosperity should characterize believers under normal circumstances. They accept the biblical principle that the diligent become rich and rule (Proverbs 10:4 and 12:24). They learn to trust God in the face of surplus rather then poverty. Herein lies the danger. In our prosperity, money powers the idol factory. We can easily and freely spend on whatever the lusts of the flesh, eyes, and pride in possessions could call for. One of the keys to stewardship then is learning how to deliberately live in dependence upon God. Idol destruction is a perennial battle for rich and poor alike.

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