Philippians Review: Unity

Unity is based on an attitude of confidence in the power of the Holy Spirit to harmonize believers who have little in common but Jesus. Paul is allergic to disunity. He persistently addresses anything that would sow discord among the brothers (or sisters). It’s interesting to note how Christians have a long history intensely disagreeing with each other. Most denominations are the byproduct of a church-turned-centrifuge. The only bonding agent strong enough to keep us together is the Spirit-wrought commitment to agreement. This was Paul’s command to the women in Philippians 4:2. It does not mean “get on the same side so the argument will stop” but “pick a humble attitude despite being on different sides”. Believers with wildly different views on certain issues can live in perfect harmony. All it takes is for each person to obey Philippians 2:1-4 as illustrated by Christ in Philippians 2:5-8. These women (and any factious person) threaten the whole church with their petty dispute. The argument was literally over nothing of substance, but had the power to take down everything. When the attitude goes bad, the whole enterprise can be lost. Most churches split because of attitude problems, not doctrinal ones.

One thought on “Philippians Review: Unity

  1. Within a group of believers in a church everyone has a spiritual gift. Some times these gifts are quite different from one another. We must be gracious to those who have spiritual gifts different from our own and not think our gift is more important than theirs.

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