Philippians Review: Humility

Humility exists where the attitude of Jesus Christ is evident in the behavior of his followers, demonstrating his lordship over their emotions and actions. On the surface that seems difficult, but it actually makes life easier. Matthew Henry says it “makes a man easy to himself and all about him”. No one complains about having humble people around. Specifically, the humble are called blameless and innocent (Philippians 2:15). If find it interesting that the contrasting defect is iniquitous grumbling (Philippians 2:14). Essentially you cannot be a humble complainer – though most fain it. Pseudo humility justifies grumbling is an acceptable sin because it appears to indicate discernment. Discoveries lead to discussions, and then to dissentions. The absence of humility in a church forms a vacuum that pulls the weak down into sin while promising them enlightenment and empowerment. They become little Eve’s. However, if we take the battle to Satan by aggressively pursuing a campaign of putting others first, the whole church will stay on track. The rewarding result is being blameless, meaning no glaring fault can be found in us, and innocent, meaning our heart is free from guilt. We become easy to others and ourselves.

One thought on “Philippians Review: Humility

  1. this is as good as it gets, who wouldn’t want to live this way and be around people that live this way. Easy on others and ourselves. What a concept.

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