Philippians Review: Consistency

We are only followers of Christ when we actually follow. This requires a consistent pattern of obedience, and a willingness to trust him even though times get tough. We’re blessed to have help along the way in the form of Godly examples, willing to act as coaches. Being an example in this regard takes guts and integrity. You can’t tell other believers to follow you without being confident of your direction. Being consistent only gets more difficult, because you can’t rely on past performance to serve as an alibi. Discipleship means putting yourself in the way of intense scrutiny from both God and man. This is the difference between celebrity and a mentorship. Celebrities can be privately defective as long as their brand is strong (most are). Mentors who serve as flawed though determined imitators of Christ are in the opposite position. For them, consistency is all that matters because status is irrelevant. This requires much grace. It transcends our inherently blemished efforts to evaluate failure or success. It is the essential component of a life marked by consistency, stability, balance, and a predictable pattern of Christ like behavior. By grace we are saved, and by grace we are sanctified.

One thought on “Philippians Review: Consistency

  1. The most interesting thing i have found is the very thing you instruct someone with strong absolutism is the very area that a temptation comes quickly to you and you have to ask yourself “so is that what i really believe”? And the word Hypocrite comes to mind

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