Honest Depictions

Mark offers a vivid portrayal of the Son of God as rejected by the world, abandoned by his disciples, and even forsaken by his own heavenly Father. Nothing is held back in his honest depiction of the life of our Lord. This is unusual compared with other biographies. Disciples typically aim to cast their leader in the best possible light. When they write about their him or her, no matter how despicable the person really was, it’s with a bias toward achievement (real or imagined). Mark appears to do the opposite. Even though his subject was supremely powerful, utterly sinless, and abounding in every righteous work, the story advances under a steady rain of failure from a worldly perspective. The outcome is a profound truth that resonates through the entire Gospel. Suffering and success are not antithetical. Mark deliberately reveals the suffering of Christ and his disciples without ever conveying the idea that the mission has failed.

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