Nowhere Land

Nazareth was in the middle of nowhere. Mark needed to say Nazareth of Galilee just so people had some idea where Jesus was coming from when he went out to be baptized. Why is it significant that Jesus comes from a bucolic borough and not the bright lights of Jerusalem? No doubt great leaders can emerge from scarcely populated locations, but that’s not really the point here. I think what you see is a testimony to how corrupt most of the Jewish leaders were in Jerusalem. Jesus was avoiding that whole scene. In those days the further you lived from Jerusalem the more irrelevant you were, but Jesus chose to live on the fringe. The true Messiah lacked everything the elite wanted in a savior. At his baptism, Mark shows him arriving from obscurity to visit a man who also lives on the fringe in order to receive a baptism that few desired. Jesus found common ground among those who saw the decay that infested the Jewish religious system and still does today. Living in the provincial outskirts had protected some people from the numbing effects of perpetual corruption. Perhaps this is why prophets often come in from the wilderness.

2 thoughts on “Nowhere Land

  1. Residing in irrelevance Jesus made Himself ineligible for declaration as the true Messiah; that was not the will of the Father. Jesus Christ displayed His divinity in absolute obedience to the will of God the Father and by venturing from His comfortable isolation to the heart of moral disintegration, we may see His sacrifice in a new light, but the true cost of our salvation is higher than we can ever imagine.

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