The Reluctant Minister

One day Jesus made an excursion into the wilderness to hear the preaching of John and be baptized. Have we considered that the Son of God and Creator of all things didn’t require John to come to where he was? Jesus requires no house call. This is partly because Jesus didn’t have a house, but it was also on account of his humility. What is equally amazing is John’s reluctance to do it. Here is the Messiah, requesting to be baptized, and John refuses him. The only other rejects were the hypocrites. John is in a tight spot. Luke adds a curious statement, “when all the people were baptized” indicating maybe Jesus waited to be the last. It may have been just him and John, with no one around who knew any better. But here we have a man full of conviction who just can’t grasp the fact that Jesus would ask to be baptized. He has no category for this. It doesn’t make any sense. Sometimes obedience is really an act of faith. Remember it’s better to be reluctant (like John did) and then obey, than a person who initially says yes, but doesn’t follow through (Matthew 21:28-32).

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