The Most Tempted Man On Earth

Remember the kid who throws stuff into the fire and can’t resist blowing on the embers? That’s me, and the gene has been passed down to my three sons. Looking at the fireplace in my house, I thought of something that helps me grasp the temptation of Christ. The brick floor and walls provide an unburnable shell for whatever conflagration occurs in there. Even the huge logs eventually turn to ash, but the brick remains, enduring the most intense heat. Here’s my thought. Jesus Christ could not sin. He withstood degrees of temptation that would incinerate normal human will power. His inability to sin created an environment where it reached maddening intensity that has never been duplicated. Only He knew it. The greater your ability to resist, the more temptation you can endure. Since the Son of God has an infinite capacity for resistance, he endured the full extent of satanic power with respect to temptation. The Devil gave him everything. Everything. As a result he has seen and known things beyond our wildest nightmares. In this way he demonstrates his love for us, and knows how to plot an escape route for any temptation he allows us to experience.

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