Location Isn’t Everything

Mark is not really a detail-oriented writer. He tends to stick to the point and drive forward to his objective. This endearing quality is forsaken in Mark 1:14. He goes out of his way to provide both the timing and location of one of the most significant events in the life of Christ: the beginning of his public ministry. It’s remarkable. Jesus goes public at a time and place, both of which were less than ideal. John the Baptist was in prison. There was no endorsement value there anymore. Furthermore he chose a humble location. Galilee was not the place to be. It would be like having the Oscar’s in Topeka, Kansas. Frankly no one cared what came out of Galilee. The region had a checkered past and was considered unclean by the religious elite. Lessons abound, but for the sake of time let’s consider these two. First of all, Jesus came to those who were likely to admit they needed a savior. Galilee was ripe with folks who didn’t have a self-righteousness complex. Secondly, Jesus came to those who were outside the sphere of religious formalism. The gospel made its debut in a place that wasn’t known for religious display.

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