God Begins To Preach

Here is an amazing thought: Jesus preached. He actually stepped out into the world he created with his own evangelistic program, aimed as spreading the good news about himself. He took personal ownership of the gospel and chose a method for communicating it that could be copied by humans. He returned to Galilee following the arrest of John the Baptist. Mark 1:14 says he began proclaiming the gospel of God, and in so doing fulfilled his destiny to usher in the next great phase of redemptive history. Proclaiming is the same word used to describe John’s work in Mark 1:4 to describe his proclamation of the coming Messiah. Jesus would now preach the good news that he was the good news. This was the gospel of God, a phrase that means “the good news from God” that is revealed in the person and work of Jesus Christ. God himself is dropping his own son into occupied territory to proclaim a plan for peace. Human leaders send a messenger to the enemy with terms of surrender. Jesus comes into the world himself. It’s hard to calculate the humility of a divine savior who would spread his message of salvation personally, and on foot.

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