The Devil and the Resurrection

Easter Sunday is the high-water mark of the Christian calendar. No other event in redemptive history has the same significance as the resurrection. Let me explain. The incarnation was end of the beginning of satanic domination. That’s why the Devil tried to kill the infant Christ. The Crucifixion was the beginning of the end. The words “it is finished” (John 19:30) make that clear. Therefore the Devil tried to stop Christ from going to the cross. Both efforts failed miserably. The resurrection is even more devastating to the Devil because it is the special event that leads to the first wave of Spirit filled believers. These followers of Christ would take back the occupied territories of the Satanic Empire and drive away the darkness with the light of the Gospel. Satan couldn’t kill the risen Christ because the resurrected body is immortal. He also couldn’t stop the risen Christ from ascending to the Father. The only thing he can do is attack the facts of the resurrection. He started before Christ had even risen, and continues to this day. The Devil works tirelessly to deceive the world about the resurrection, and therefore serves as a testimony to its unparalleled significance.

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