Minimal Marketing

Jesus didn’t receive an elaborate installation service when he began his ministry. Religious celebrities were not flown into Galilee for the inauguration, and the best bands in Palestine weren’t offered the gig. I find this remarkable because 1) mere men who enter the pastorate are often the architects of their own elaborate ministry liftoff, placing in jeopardy the centrality of the Word and instead focusing on the man, and 2) Jesus refused this approach even though he was the only man who could ever be worthy of such a public spectacle. In him we have the beginning of the only evangelistic work where the preacher was himself the good news. Instead, Jesus Christ, the Word made flesh commences his public ministry in an obscure lakeside area where the only culture was agriculture. There is no fanfare, and no apparent perks to offer when he calls his disciples. Now I understand that every installation service is not a show, but let’s not lose sight of how inconspicuous our Savior was. He never marketed his ministry.

One thought on “Minimal Marketing

  1. Very interesting. And very true. Makes me think about ministry today. Since Jesus WAS the good news, and the good news is an historical event that actually happened, we are called to proclaim it. However we must remember that this is HIS ministry, not ours. Any time you see a “well marketed” church, you see a proud man behind it, not Jesus.

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