Horseshoes, Hand Grenades, and the Gospel

I was told one time that everything is negotiable. This is not a true, especially when applied to the most important transaction ever conducted. There are very non-negotiable elements of the gospel. Looking at it one way we see infinite complexity, rigid and well-defined. Either we believe it or we don’t, and our eternal destiny is on the line. Looking at it another way we see it can be grasped by anyone. A peasant, prostitute, priest, or potter all go through the same door. So it is simple, but not simplistic because it is too important. Evidently the evangelical mass media (and this is so evident during Easter) believes the gospel has joined horseshoes and hand grenades, being something you can throw out there with confidence that close is close enough and counts for something. Wrong. We need to loving insist that close doesn’t count. We need to preach the truth even if the twice a year visitors are offended by it. The gospel is precise (1 Corinthians 15:3-11). It is complex in some ways and cannot be altered, but we trust God to work in the hearts of the elect to make them understand the unadulterated truth. Close is not close enough.

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