Jesus In The Synagogue

Jesus didn’t swagger into the synagogue like a cowboy into a saloon. He was invited (Mark 1:21), likely with full knowledge about his recent Nazareth experience (Luke 4:16-30). Jews talked a lot back then and they knew who Jesus claimed to be. But his reputation was good enough to permit him to handle and teach the Scriptures. This sacred task included explaining what it meant. He wasn’t usurping the religious establishment, and in fact spent most of the time submitting to it as week after week he listened to the other teachers. Jesus was humble. He remained discreet and quiet until called upon. At the same time he was profoundly knowledgeable, captivating the Temple teachers at 12, and no doubt even more engaging 18 years later. His teaching left the people justifiably astonished (Mark 1:22). They even thought him superior to the Scribes, a group of upper class educated rulers. These men were given authority because of their knowledge. This means if Jesus struck the people as having more authority, imagine how much knowledge he possessed? The humble Lord, too young even to be a formal Scribe, captured the hearts of the people with his gracious application of the Word.

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