Powerful Compassion

Sunday makes me hungry. I’m tempted to have a pre-lunch just in case real lunch is delayed. It’s like appetite insurance. In Mark 1:29 we have the account of Jesus and his initial disciples making their way to Peters home after synagogue, and my guess is they were hungry. Taking into consideration the events of the morning, it’s safe to assume Jesus was looking forward to a meal and maybe a long Sabbath nap. This wouldn’t happen. It had become obvious to everyone that Jesus has power over demons. What interests me is the secondary connection. Witnessing power over demons led them to conclude he had power over the physical realm as well. By the time the first four disciples are at Peters house, they are already imploring him for help. Jesus tosses demons around with ease, wages war in the angelic dimension with just his words, but his perfectly content to be inconvenienced by Peter’s family, and eventually the whole town because of his compassion. It would be enough for me to know that an infinitely powerful Savior is in control of my destiny, but how much more amazing to serve a God so infinitely inclined to compassion?

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