Touched By God

Peter’s wife had a problem. All the domestic chores were falling to her because her mother was in bed with a dangerous fever; something considered life threatening back then. Mark 1:30-31 skips details provided by Dr. Luke, like how Jesus stood over her and rebuked the fever. Now consider this, The King of Kings and Lord of Lords reaches down to a sick lady and “taking her hand”, with gentle physical contact, “lifted her up” and sets her back in motion. The results are immediate; no down time; no convalescence. There is no doctor’s bag, no questions, no tests, no second opinion, no pills, no procedures, and no wait. He just takes her by the hand, rebuking the fever with the same earth shaking power he rebuked demons, waves, wind, and wicked hypocrites. Nothing stands in his way. When Jesus Christ touches his creation it responds. This is true of storms in the sky or in the heart. The touch of God is a touch of total healing and total calm.

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