ImageRemember the WWJD bracelets? Holy hardware collectors have moved on, but the four-letter message is tattooed on Christian mass culture. It’s a good question. What would Jesus do about the kaleidoscope of issues confronting us today? If we look at the book of Mark we see exactly what Jesus did do as the defining characteristics of his ministry. He was purposefully active in two areas. The first was praying, and the other was preaching. In this way he separated himself from the revolutionaries that he was often mistaken for. Instead of seeking the spotlight, he sought solitude. Instead of trying to build a coalition, he preached divisive messages questioning his follower’s commitment. The Son of God prioritized praying and preaching. This calls to mind what we read in Acts 6. Deacon’s serve the necessary physical needs of the church, and this very important. The heart of God is inclined to the cry of the poor and desperate. However, the stated reason for their work was to free up the elders to pray and minister the Word. Now, I have to admit I’m not fond of “What would Jesus do” scenarios because as God he can do, and did, a myriad of things we can never do. We can’t forgive sin. We can’t heal. We can’t rebuke like him. We don’t know what is truly in men’s hearts. But if we wanted to ask what a Christ like leader should do in an effort to imitate him, we can start with prayer. Any healthy church will have elders who are committed to prayer. Only then will they effectively lead, administrate, council, discipline, and preach.

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