Passive Power

Prayer can be a struggle because it feels passive. When we give our testimony, lead a bible study, or even drive our kids to some church function, we feel like we’ve done something. We’ve driven the ball down the field in some way. Prayer doesn’t always give us the same feeling, and action oriented people usually need schedule it. The transparently obvious truth is that we often feel like we stop real work and ministry in order to engage in something that is at best neutral, and at worst selfish isolation. But here is the dilemma. This kind of thinking under appreciates prayer. In reality the greatest accomplishments may be achieved through doing very little, and instead relying on God. To belittle the power of prayer is to exalt the power of men, and dismiss the creator so that the creation can lead. We know James 5:16, “The effective prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much” but consider the illustration James gives. He says Elijah was just like us, but made it stop raining for 42 months, then made it rain again. That came through prayer not human effort. Sometimes the activity that seems most passive is in fact most powerful.

5 thoughts on “Passive Power

  1. Jonathan,
    I rejoice in the truth of your statement!
    And praise Him, for your insight.
    John 17:22-24
    When Jesus said, I in them and Thou in Me that they may be perfected in unity.
    I am just so awed communing with a Holy God in the fellowship of the brethren . The prayer time has become priceless to the women that meet on Friday’s.
    My prayer is prayer; for the unity in one Spirit
    Love the brethren, teach the Word, guard the Truth
    Paula K

  2. Regarding the value of prayer, in Luke 2:37 some translations state she “served God with fastings and prayers”. It’s remarkable that one way we can serve God is by prayer.

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