Taking Care of Business

Everyone remembers that kid picked last during recess. He was too fat, skinny, uncoordinated, got hurt easy, or somehow managed to fumble, strike out, trip, or otherwise mess up at the worst possible time. Likely never in the history of middle school recess athletics has a kid been passed over for his moral shortcomings. No one really cares because flag football is a lot like the Presidency; morality is secondary to job performance.

In the case of disciple selection you would assume the opposite. This is what makes the selection of Levi so stunning (Mark 2:13-17). When Jesus comes across him, he was sitting at his tax stand. This is where he would keep the records of taxes owed, monies lent, interest to be collected, collateral held, and likely a substantial amount of cash. It’s interesting to note that he is not in the crowd where Jesus has been teaching. He would not have been in Peter’s house either. He was working, doing his thing, taking care of business, and likely convinced that Jesus would never reach out to him anyway. That would be a reasonable conclusion. If you were a Jew that believed the Messiah would come and establish his kingdom on the earth by eradicating Roman occupation, then collecting taxes for them put you in a difficult spot.

But Jesus did reach out to him. And he did repent and follow. Remember that. The worst sinner might be surprised when you walk across the street to graciously share the gospel, but you might be surprised when that sinner immediately repents.

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