Making Peace

Could someone believe in the Messiah, but refuse to do anything about it? Are there people who think they will do an after hours deal with God? Can we safely assume that some people have given up; convinced their sin is beyond forgiveness, even by God? The answer to all of these is yes, and perhaps one of Jesus own disciples thought this way. Levi (a.k.a. Matthew) either didn’t believe in the Messiah, or more likely made his peace with the fact that if the Messiah came, he simply would not be part of the kingdom. He may have been the type that decided to sell out, give up on spiritual things, make the most out of this life, get as rich as possible, live as comfortably as possible, and then sort out the consequences after he died. On thing is for certain, no one expected Jesus to call Levi, especially Levi. But isn’t that just like Christ? Levi had made peace with his situation; Jesus makes peace with Levi.white-flag-2

One thought on “Making Peace

  1. I think you could be right about Levi’s condition, but the bigger issue is people thinking they are too good to need someone to save them, i mean after all i know I’m not perfect but neither is he or she. How could a loving God condemn me to hell, i’m not that bad.

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