Pharisee Day

There are a lot of things I don’t get. Ice fishing. Skinny jeans. Oprah. But near the top are parades. I mean honestly, can anyone give me a good reason to invest valuable time standing on the side of the road watching people walk, roll, or stilt their way by? The Sabbath was a sort of Pharisee Parade every week. This was their day to shine, give alms, inspect the troops, rebuke the Messiah, and just be radiantly sabbatical. Jesus consistently trivializes them. However, what is so fascinating about his approach is that he minimizes them by drawing attention to them. He does things on the Sabbath that forces them to perform their duty as Pharisees and confront him. It’s like promoting gun control in public and watching the Republicans spring into obligatory objection. When Jesus discarded their rules he destabilized their hold on the people. I’ll never ice fish with Oprah in skinny jeans, but I do know if you give people biblical freedom it’s interesting to watch who gets nervous.

2 thoughts on “Pharisee Day

  1. I liked the irony that you pointed out on Sunday. The Pharisees didn’t tolerate Jesus doing good on the Sabbath without finding fault but they sure found time to plot against Jesus on the same day ….

  2. As patterned by the Pharisees, intricate knowledge of the Bible alone, devoid of God’s personal intervention is no stairway to heaven. Rather, the vital component of biblical freedom is a regenerate heart of repentance, made possible by grace through faith, a miracle as genuine as Jesus’ healing of the man with the withered hand.
    Once liberated from shame, our profound relationship with Jesus Christ and the good deeds that flow as a result will shine pure light into the darkness of this place. Being fully equipped and instructed in the Truth, we can then go to make disciples of all nations.

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