Another Angle

tumblr_inline_mhsyuo5Re21qz4rgpMaybe it’s because I’m scanning headlines from the other side of the world, but something about this article caught my attention. We don’t need another blog post about the decision. Instead, we need to think biblically about how the nation got here. We can try to fix it, change it, escape it, or whatever else, but we should at least try to understand it. Romans 13:1 is clear. The is no authority (or supreme court decision) except from God. The biblical side is easy to understand. God is always clear. What about the vexing problem of interpreting what we see in front of us? That’s where the insightful article above is helpful. It approaches the decision from a different angle entirely, and is one of the few that isn’t rehashing the same information.

5 thoughts on “Another Angle

  1. The challenge is deeply rooted in the depravity of man. Understanding the issue biblically, and then taking the conversation opportunities from the surface issues and carrying it over to the great news of the gospel, is wise council indeed … we at Community Bible Church are greatly anticipating your safe return after a successful mission in A.

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