Resting On Purpose

4204552981_c8b764ea34_oJesus was a man in every sense of the word. The only difference is that he couldn’t sin. As a man he was occasionally and strategically drawn away from the intensity of ministry to somewhere he could be alone with the Father. He escaped the polar extremes of popularity. On the one hand his fame had led a group to plot his murder. On the other hand his fame had led a crowd to relentlessly pursue him for healing and exorcism. As a result, Jesus sought moments of solitude. It’s very interesting to me that he does not model rest as idle recreation. Instead rest is mingled with worship. Rest is worship, and worship is rest. When Jesus withdrew with his disciples to the sea (Mark 3:7) it was for the purpose of mingling rest with instruction. He carried the full weight of his humanity, but never compromised his mission to do the will of the Father in all things. Perhaps we need to rethink rest. Maybe idleness isn’t that rewarding.

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