Help Wanted

Help-WantedJesus spent time alone before selecting the Apostles (Mark 3:13). Luke adds that he prayed all night. This was one of the most important events in his earthly ministry because it signaled a shift of focus. Up until now his emphasis was teaching the crowds. Now he would focus on teaching the few. Until now he had done the work and the ministry himself. Now he would work through the few and give them authority to do the work themselves. These appear on the surface to be minor adjustments, but they weren’t. In fact, it is the beginning of new paradigm that continues to this day. God doesn’t need us to do his work, but he lets us. When you see a “Help Wanted” sign it really signals a need. In the case of the Apostles Jesus wants, desires, and enjoys witnessing their help. That is not the same as needing it.

One thought on “Help Wanted

  1. Just as the Apostles were commissioned to go out and work for the Lord, as modern day disciples we have the opportunity to please our Redeemer with lives of faithful obedience to his commandments and calling as we go out and make disciples of all nations.

    “Matthew 28:19”

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