Desiring Man

images-7Most of us are familiar with the fruitful ministry of John Piper and Desiring God. He is passionate about finding his true and abiding joy in the supremacy of Christ. It raises an interesting question though. What about God desiring us? Is there any room in our theology for that? I’m not talking about the false teaching that there is something inherently good in us worth saving, or that we deserve grace. This is not about man centered, self-esteem boosting happy talk. However, one of the undeniable facts surrounding the selection of the Twelve was that Jesus picked the ones he wanted. Mark says he “…called to him those whom he desired” (Mark 3:13). This was a gracious calling. This is not a call for volunteers, but rather an invitation to individuals, specifically individuals who were selected by God. On this level Jesus did desire these men. He wasn’t looking for just any twelve, but these twelve. Obviously desiring God is the only way we will be satisfied and truly glorify him. Clearly we cannot draw application from this that we are inherently desirable. But isn’t it great that we can desire him because he first desired us?

One thought on “Desiring Man

  1. Besides the twelve Apostles, there must have been many on the scene with Jesus during his earthly ministry whom He desired in terms of eternal election.

    He selected the twelve knowing their hearts and the qualities of their character but they were certainly quite a volatile group who in normal circumstances could not have remained together. They provided an illustration of the transforming power of God’s Grace and the work of the Holy Spirit to those who have received a heart to perceive and ears to hear – they furthered the message that the Christ of God, the Messiah is with us!

    In just such a way, He desires that we display our multifaceted unity in Him to those lost in a lost world. “To those who have been given ears to hear, let them hear”

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