Did Jesus Use Disinformation?

Disinformation is using lies to convince someone of untruth. Jesus never did that. Instead, the parables containing his message hid the truth from all except those who were able to hear it. These were not clever stories that appealed to the masses, or home spun fables aimed at amusing the common man where he was at. Instead, the use of parables, according to Jesus own words in Mark 4:10-12 was a form of judgement. He was fulfilling prophesy. He was proving that the crowd was there for the wrong reason. On the surface the messages had little substance. Jesus wasn’t telling the people anything they didn’t already know. The majority left confused no doubt, if not seriously disappointed. It’s only speculation, but I image Jesus completing his message, patiently waiting for anyone who wanted to be healed, serving them with absolute love and compassion, and occasionally identifying someone who embraced him as more than a healer. Among the very few who were willing to do his will (Mark 3:35), he freely explained in clear language what it all meant. Jesus didn’t intentionally confuse. There was no disinformation. He spoke simple truths that broadcast messages a few where equipped by the Father to recieve.

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