He who observes the wind will not sow,
and he who regards the clouds will not reap.
~ Ecclesiastes 11:4

Until recently it was almost impossible to predict the weather. I guess it’s still an inexact science except in my county where the weather never seems to change. In ancient times everyone was at the mercy of unforeseen forces that could have a dramatic impact on your life and livelihood. This is the situation Solomon speaks about when he addresses sowing and reaping.

If a farmer was going to have enough food to eat he had to sow. Planting is an essential step in farming. At the end of the season you need to reap or harvest. This is equally essential. Both carried risk. If you planted on a windy day the seed may be blow away. If you cut down your field and then it rained on your piles, you could spoil the crop.

Solomon reminds us that life rarely offers an optimal time to engage a challenge. Depending on whom you ask, you likely weren’t ready to get married, have a child, buy a house, accept a job transfer, or start that business. However, you did anyway, you took the risk, and the vast majority of the time it all worked out. You also met some great advisors and problem solvers along the way.

There are always risks, seen and unseen. But there are also significant and often unappreciated risks associated with doing nothing. You could sit around worrying, but that’s decision avoidance. If you’re a farmer it works for a while… then you starve.

One thought on “Risk

  1. Winston Churchill said, Never quit. one has to assume he didn’t mean never quit “doing nothing” We will make mistakes but let us do it with our boots on and know we did are best.

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