Divine Fairness

stacks of moneyThe minimum wage has been in the news again recently. Regardless of where you stand on the issue, everyone agrees that workers should get what the employer promised. Jesus tells a story that illustrates the divine sense of fairness. In Matthew 20 a man hires workers from town to harvest his vineyard. At 6:00am he finds a ready work force that agrees to pick for the usual daily wage. After that more men are chosen at 9:00am, noon, 3:00pm, and 5:00pm. All were told to expect fair compensation. By 6:00pm the workday was over, and the men who had just been there for an hour get the same amount as a man would normally expect for a full day. The original group of workers, knowing how much the late arrivals got, assumed they were in store for a major bonus. However everyone gets the same amount, and when they complain, they are told that they got exactly what they agreed to work for. The point of the story is that God never short changes anyone, and is free to bless as he sees fit. The take away should be a sense of peace that God always does what is right. We are not the best judges of what we are worth, or what others are doing with the days God has allotted to them. Instead we need to focus on doing our own work to the best of our ability, confident that our impressions of fairness may not be perfect.

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