One Year Honeymoon


God required a one year honeymoon for new couples (Deuteronomy 24:5). This meant the man was released from military duty or any other public responsibility. He still did his usual providing and protecting, but that was it. The rest of his time was spent at home that first year. The reason was “to be happy with his wife whom he had taken”. This implies two things to me. First the man was to be primarily at home. This likely formed a healthy pattern of focusing attention on his wife and not his work or hobbies outside the home. Secondly, he was to be happy with her. It is both a statement and an instruction. This also forms a healthy pattern of enjoying time with your spouse instead of finding joy in other people. A man who learns to find his joy in his home (instead of other places) and with his wife (instead of other people) is a man who will be on his way to a happy marriage and happy life. This one year honeymoon thing could really catch on.

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