My Stereotypes

Historians want to make sure that we keep to the faith laid down in the Bible and lived out courageously by our forefathers.

Traditionalists like to see the order they set up stay the same. They realize it’s arbitrary and based on preference, but it just seems like the right way.

Conventionalists resist change because it’s worked so far and to them it isn’t broken. Improvement is a dirty word that suggests other people may actually be able to do it better.

Sentimentalists expect every generation after them to embrace their culture and generate nostalgic feelings about people they never knew and stuff they don’t agree with.

I’m all four depending on what we’re talking about.

“The revolutionary mood and temper are generated by the irritations, difficulties, hungers, and frustrations inherent in the realization of drastic change” (Eric Hoffer, The Ordeal of Change, page 6).

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