Be Demanding


Proverbs teaches us to demand wisdom. It’s worth the investment of time and money. Whatever you put in comes back in multiples. If you want it though, you will have to go get it. You call out for it (Proverbs 2:3). You also dig in and scoop it out of the Word. The wisdom is there but you need to work. That said, mining for wisdom is not like mining for gold. Mining is hard because you only want a minuscule fraction of what you’re digging up. Gaining wisdom is hard work because you have to ignore all the worthless alternatives that are clamoring for your attention. For example, if you spent as much time pursuing wisdom as you do pursuing favor from your boss, then you will be a radically different person a month from now. If just a few TV hours were applied to gaining wisdom you would likely be a sage. The one who gives no effort to seeking wisdom will wonder why he keeps making dumb decisions. A person growing in wisdom will at least know why he made the decision and have tools to do better next time. Demand better and then claim it from the wisdom books of the Bible.

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