What if you’re competing in the wrong event?


A lot of the frustration people experience in their career comes from competing in the wrong events.

If you’re a sprinter, no one expects you to win a marathon. Elite athletes are guided from an early age into the events that line up with their natural abilities. They specialize. They say no to everything except their best thing. Why don’t the rest of us do that?

In track and field there are a few decathletes, but most have to choose one or two events at the most. The best athlete knows his or her optimum strength. They also have a keen sense for weakness. Winners compete in events where they have an advantage.

Two risks:

The risk of not knowing what you are good at. Result: You keep trying hard to get better at an event you weren’t cut out for and at best go from being poor to mediocre.

The risk of thinking you are good at everything. Result: You never seem to repeat the same level of success, and begin to doubt if ever had the goods to begin with.

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