The most expensive advice in the world.


Ray Dalio is too good for you. He founded a hedge fund called Bridgewater Associates that doesn’t want your money. You’re not rich enough for him to bother making you richer. How do I know? If the minimum annual fee of $500,000 does not scare you off, then the fact that you need $5 billion to invest will. And yes, that’s billion.

So when you’re as good as Mr. Dalio is at what he does, you can afford to be selective about your clients. You can also charge a huge fee for your wisdom. So how do the rest of us mortals get access to what he knows? Interestingly enough, Mr. Dalio also loves to teach. He put his investment philosophies together in a research paper, podcast, and even an animated video.

So for those of you who have a spare $5 billion, here’s the link to Bridgwater. For the rest of us, here’s a link to Ray Dalio’s website about how the economy works. Watch the presentation. I guarantee you’ll learn something.

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