Limited Loyalty

Loyalty is a virtue on the decline today. In general that’s a bad thing, but it reminds me of certain exceptions.

My top five are:

  1. Insurance companies
  2. Phone companies
  3. Banks and Brokerage firms
  4. Gas stations
  5. Credit card companies

Why? Why do I just not care at all how long I’ve been with those companies and switch to another with absolutely no sense of loss?

What’s the difference between those and the pool guy, gardener, housekeeper, babysitter, or hairdresser?

Answer: personal connection.

2 thoughts on “Limited Loyalty

  1. Loyalty because of personal connection. Question ? Do you have that personal connection with God Himself ? Or our you just a number on a customer list which all is well if you send your check once a month and don’t expect to be able to communicate with anyone. God offers relationship through Jesus Christ. The ultimate personal contact !

    • Exactly. I’m absolutely convinced that the more communication we have with God through Christ, the more likely we will remain faithful to his body, his will, and his mission for us on earth.

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