Distracted by good works

Today I had the opportunity to address the remarkable group of people who make up the faculty and staff of Tri-City Christian School. They are a gracious and encouraging group, and I can see why parents speak so highly of them.

So what do you say to edify teachers at the beginning of a new school year? I chose the story of Martha and Mary from Luke 10:38-42. It may seem unusual, but the reason is simple. It’s the startling sentence: “But Martha was distracted with much serving”.

If you’re going to be distracted by something, service seems like a good choice. But Jesus is direct and clear with her when she complains that Mary had not made the same decision. He told her a choice had to be made. Mary chose Jesus, but Martha didn’t. It doesn’t matter how virtuous the distraction is. If you lose your focus, you become less useful.

So when I talk to any group of committed servants, I’m inclined to give that advice. Our Lord was gracious when he delivered the rebuke, and we should too if the need surfaces. Praise God for ministry opportunities, just remember to choose “the good portion”.


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