Baby Boomers and Bad Worship Music

What’s hot and what’s not nowadays in the church? Music can serve as one example – a very important example for almost every churchgoer. What’s hot – at least in some churches – are electric guitars, synthesizers, and vocalists backing up Scripture songs and choruses. What’s not are pipe organs or pianos accompanying hymns. Is there anything wrong with that?

What’s wrong with that is what’s wrong – or at least limited about – pop music in general. Except for the very best, it generally hits you hard with a shot of pleasure, and then it leaves you physically and emotionally stimulated but intellectually and spiritually malnourished. Most of it is junk food: You don’t need teeth to eat it, and there is nothing to digest. The moronic “Baby, baby, love, love” of MTV gets baptized into “Jesus, Jesus, love, love” with approximately the same effect: warm fuzzies.

(John G. Stackhouse, Evangelical Landscapes, 15-16)

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