Saturday Reading List: The Virgin Birth

Below are two interesting articles by Al Mohler on the virgin birth. Both are excellent for deepening your understanding of the doctrine and having some tools to defend it.

Can a Christian deny the virgin birth?

Must Christians believe the virgin birth?

This last article is from a magazine in the UK that interviewed church leaders about the importance of the virgin birth. It’s a sad reminder of what happens when you abandon the Bible in favor of tradition, or even worse, sentimentality. I think the most disturbing response in the whole piece came from James Delingpole, “Me, I care more about hymns having the right tunes, and the Prayer Book being 1662.”

One thought on “Saturday Reading List: The Virgin Birth

  1. This was a sad response and belief on the virgin birth question …
    “This is a complex issue but luckily I have been able to draw on a formidable body of knowledge. My daughter, who is studying theology at university, informs me that modern liberal Biblical scholarship views the whole thing as a myth. She points out that two of the four gospels don’t even mention the birth narrative, and adds that the two that do offer contradictory accounts. There is no question that the early Church was obsessed with the virginity of Mary. But this may have been based less on the historical record than a determination to make Jesus fit into Biblical prophecy. I think that it is impossible to be a Christian without a literal belief in the Resurrection of Jesus. Everything falls down without it. The same is not true of the Virgin Birth.”

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