Depth vs. Detail

Recently I was asked a question by a young man training for the ministry. He wanted to know how to preach sermons that were more profound. The wrong way to accomplish that is by simply adding details back to a message. Reintroducing samples of your exegetical research is like adding basic ingredients back into the cake after it’s half baked. The real pathway to depth is through understanding the culture, context, and humanity of the people you’re talking about. The lost art of meditating on the Scriptures has led to biblical pathology (laboratory analysis of how something died) in place of preaching (corporate celebration of what is alive).

2 thoughts on “Depth vs. Detail

  1. Is profound just a replacement word for relevant? Many Pastor’s use the word relevant to justify meandering messages about things that entertain rather than equipping Saints. If the Bible is not profound and relevant today then it never was and why waist your time trying to make it so.

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